5 Reasons Why Stickers Are The BEST Merch!

Turn Your Brand Sticky With Stickers Merch!

It goes without saying that everyone loves stickers! Ironic I know, but it’s true. It’s been scientifically proven that stickers are the best merch on the planet. You can’t argue with science! Here we are gonna give you 5 reasons why stickers are the best merch for your business!

5 Reasons Why Merch Is King!


Why You Should Be Marketing Your Business With Merch!

Your brand, it’s your pride and joy. It encompasses everything to do with you and your business. So what better way to show the love you have for your brand than to show the world! Here are 5 reasons why you should be marketing your business with merch! 

The Power of Your Customer

Create Awesome Customer Relationships

Knowing the power your customers wield is something to always bear in mind, not just for their sales but the impact they can have on growing your business to a wider audience. In this week’s blog, we’ll be discussing customer retention and what you can do to make a customer come back and spread your brand for you. Ultimately you want to make sure that every customer loves everything about you and your brand. From your product, service, website everything! If only there were a catchy term to incorporate that… 🤔

7 Ways To Maintain An Awesome Customer Relationship

Love Your Customers

Seeing as February is the month of love, we felt this was perfectly fitting to talk about a special relationship we have. No, it’s not about talking to a crush (blog coming soon) it’s about the love we have for our customers, aka YOU! This is our guide on things you can do to make sure you have an awesome relationship with your customer.

Logo Branding

Helping You Create The Perfect Logo

Designing the perfect logo that incorporates your brand and message is no easy task. They can easily be wrongly construed. This is why we’ve created this easy guide to learn about logo branding to help you create the perfect design for your brand.

Branding on Social Media – A Guide For Startups

A Guide For Startups

Bringing your brand to life online is no easy feat. There are loads of stuff you need to take into consideration when giving your brand an online voice. Here is a quick and easy guide for any and all startups wanting to get their brand seen online. 

6 Examples of Bad Branding

The List of What Not To Do!

If you’re a startup getting ready to launch or has recently launched their business this list of bad branding examples is just for you, giving you ideas of what NOT to do. This list is also for any company who are planning a re-brand or potentially dabbling in advertising for the first time, we give you some great real life examples of bad branding and the everlasting impact it can have for your business.

5 Changes Every Startup Should Make In 2020

The Guru Guide

Welcome back STKRS followers! The roaring ’20s are here and we have another blog to kick start the decade! This week’s blog is all about changes your business can make in 2020. Don’t worry we’re not gonna tell you why you should buy stickers. Well, at least not in every point… 

Die Cut Stickers vs Kiss Cut Stickers

The Battle of The Best!

When it comes to STKRS you really are spoilt for choice! There are so many variations of stickers you can use to promote your brand, spread a message or just spice up your equipment. In this blog, we’re gonna talk about our two biggest sellers head to head which are Kiss Cut and Die Cut. We’ll give you info to find out which sticker type is the best for you and we’ll also answer the most common question we receive which is, what’s the difference between the two? 

Pushing Your Brand in 2020

Make Your Brand Sticky!

It’s no secret that according to the Chinese Zodiac 2020 is the year of the sticker, right? So what better time than now to get ordering some stickers to push your brand and promote it in front of the right people! Here’s our helpful guide on how YOU can push your brand and elevate your company to the next level in 2020.