Author: Rick Jesse

Brand Everything


Just recently we’ve adopted the statement brand everything into our marketing for our stickers, this points firstly to putting your brand on everything, obviously, with stickers  But the hidden meaning is that everything you do is your brand! The Brand IS Everything

As someone who has an interest in all things branding, I feel like, as a designer, I often need to be reminded about the intangible elements of the brand, the bits that cannot be “branded”.

Tech Nottingham Hack24 2018


This time last week we were sat in Nottingham town hall with hundreds of bleary-eyed builders. Builders of tech, not of buildings that is. These are some of the smartest coders, developers, and designers, Nottingham, has to offer. The challenge was, of course, the 3rd Hack24…which true to the Ronseal naming structure, says what it is on the tin. 24 hours to hack something together.

I’ve been to a few hacks before, but this was by far the biggest and best I’ve been to.

Social media for the time poor.


TLDR: Schedule posts to make social media more fun. This does get somewhat geeky, but everything used here is a simple app.

Social media is free! “Yay” we all cried back in 2007. We have this new tool, let’s go build a whole new world of customers. And we did.

We skip forward ten years and we have players that have come and gone and platforms that are swallowing up other platforms.

Love your customers


Before we start, I’m not saying we’re the gold standard of customer service – we’re not – but we’re trying ????

I watched a podcast a while ago by Esther Perel who was talking about “Amore”! Love between you and your other half, and she said we should treat our wives/husbands/partners as well as we treat our best customers or clients!

Sticker tips and tricks


Tips and tricks to make your stickers even more useful.

You now have a few hundred stickers so what’s next?
What do you do that will make them actually useful?

Here’s a tip…give them away and stick them on stuff.

Actually we know that that is not actually a tip, because it is almost like a ‘law of nature’ that you will actually want to stick them to something…everything even!

In our time printing stickers we’ve seen a few of our smart customers do great things with their stickers, so we’re going to let you in on their secrets and hopefully you’ll be able to make your stickers have a bit more utility.


Startup sticker header image just some of our stickers


I was at a session on copyright and trademarking and I came away with a few good nuggets, I thought I would share, as I know there are a few people out there it will effect.

The first rule of thumb, copyright exists with the creator! If you are the designer, illustrator, photographer or whatever if you created it you own the copyright. The only way your client has the legal copyright is if you sign it over to them in your contract. If you didn’t then you own it – I thought that was interesting.

Bad Branding Will Kill Your Company


A bad logo and branding spell disaster to your business so sit tight and read how to save your new venture.

To put it into context, remember the new GAP logo disaster? That whole escapade is estimated to have cost GAP $100 million!

It all starts by naming your ‘thing’. There are numerous conventions for naming companies and products, so I’ll briefly run through the most popular types, in no particular order.