Author: Jack Brayshaw

9 Apps For Managing Your Startup

Making Your Life Easier With These 9 Apps

Are you and startup who needs help managing your busy business and keeping everything on track? Well we’ve got just the blog for you! We’ve created a list of 9 useful apps all startup owners will benefit from and why. 

10 Uses For STKRS In YOUR Business


Improve Your Sticker Game!

Needing to elevate your brand to that next level? Want an icebreaker to help meet new business’ and broaden your network? These are just a couple of uses stickers can have for your business. Here we are gonna highlight 10 Uses For Stickers In YOUR Business.

A Guide For Startups



A Simple Guide To Creating a Startup

Intro & Idea

When it comes to creating a business from scratch there are so many pathways you can take. We work with lots of startup companies and organisations within the startup world.  Based on our understanding we thought we’d share our words of wisdom. With some professional insight, this guide gives you a general overview of what to do and what to expect when creating your very own startup.



A Brief History Of STKRS And Why To Use Us


The Creation of STKRS

Once upon a time, there was a graphic design business named Dogtooth, who created two websites to sell stickers, one called Wall Glamour and the other called Gadget Glamour. Gadget Glamour spawned the greatest sticker production company since the Avery Dennison Corporation (The guy who invented the sticker – check out The History Of The Sticker blog for more.)

The Production Of STKRS


The Full Process From A Proof To A Package


The sticker. The greatest invention since sliced bread or the wheel. Probably. It’s a product everyone loves, but how is it made and what is the process STKRS take in order to get that sticky goodness to your front door? 

Building A Website



Websites For Dummies





Creating a kick-ass website is something all business’ in 2019 want to achieve. There are so many positives from an awesome website the list is endless. From customer usability to website interaction to just having an amazing interface design. These are just a few things you need to get right if you’re going to build a successful website. So that’s the long term goal, but where do you begin? 




A Guide To Success


Defining Success


Success can be attributed in many different forms depending on what you define as success. In this study, we are going to explore the different ideologies people have for success, how to achieve them, why it’s important to push yourself, what to do when things aren’t going your way and reaching a point of success.


Everybody has their own definition of success. For some it’s being rich, for some, it’s being the best, for some, it’s having a family and for some, it’s just being happy in life. Whatever your idea of success is, we believe you should always have that goal in mind, giving you something to aim for and achieve. 

What makes a great logo?

Image used for the main photo on the blog about what makes a great logo


Logos, Logos, Everywhere…

Logos. All business’ need one, but what exactly makes a ‘great’ logo?  and why is this important for branding? Whether you’re a CEO of the biggest tech company in the world or Joe Bloggs who owns the local chippy, logos are an integral part of any business’ brand. The most successful companies in the world all have incredibly memorable logos to accompany their business, coincidence? Possibly, but read on anyway…

Getting your logo to perfectly incorporate what it is you do isn’t always easy, especially the first time round. 

So, what is it you should bear in mind when creating your company’s logo?

History of The Sticker

Main image created for the blog history of the sticker


Introduction of The Sticker

You may be forgiven for thinking that stickers have been around for thousands of years, that in biblical times the Romans might have been sticking little labels on their swords and shields… “Augustus VIIs Non Tangre (do not touch)”  but in fact they’re not quite that old.